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There are many good birding sites to visit on a day trip from hotels on the coast – Abuko Nature Reserve, Pirang, Marakissa, Tujering, Kartong, Brufut, Tanji, Lamin Lodge, Darusalume, Kotu Creek, Mandina Lodge (Makasufu)

Abuko Nature Reserve was the first reserve in Gambia, and created in 1968. This is where I trained as a bird guide.   Abuko is a well established savanna woodland and good for sighting Giant Kingfisher, Green and Violet Turacco, Buff Spotted Woodpecker, Orange-cheeked Waxbill, Western Bluebill, and several different types of heron. Spending a few hours in this reserve also gives you the chance to see 3 different types of monkey, hyenas, baboons, bushbuck, antelopes and more. Just outside the reserve is a ricefield and vegetable plots, where you can see the Lizard Buzzard, Shikra, African Spoonbill, Pearl-spotted Owlet, African Harrier Hawk, Jacana, Sunbirds and many different wading birds. 

Lamin Lodge is famous for its boat trips into the mangrove creeks, as well as its oyster factory, birds and breakfasts. This is the place to hire a canoe and paddle round the creeks in the early morning before sunrise to hear and see many birds. Very good place to spot with Mouse brown Sunbird, Goliath Heron, Malachite Kingfisher and many others.  Afterwards you can have breakfast at the Lodge, watch the oyster boats unloading and see them being processed, and walk in the the vegetable gardens. Lamin Lodge can be done the same day as Abuko if preferred in 6 hours.

Brufut  This village lies 17 km from Serrekunda. The woodlands are very good place for sighting the sighting the biggest owl in the world , namely the Verreaux Eagle Owl, as well as the Whiteface Scops Owl, Common Whitethroat, Long-tailed Nightjar, Paradise Flycatcher, Bruce’s Green Pigeon, and more. You will like it so much and it can be done together with Tanji Bird Reserve based on how much time there is.  Tanji is good for seeing osprey and other sea birds.

Tujering and Kartong can also be done together. These are coastal regions and very attractive to lots of woodland species such as Violet Barbet, Striped Kingfisher, Gaba Goshawk, Dark Chanting Goshawk,  with many Cisticolas, the Senegal Batis etc.

Marakissa: This peaceful village is not far from the border of Gambia and Senegal. It is one of my favourite places with lots of different birds to be seen. The most interesting species include the African Fish Eagle, Western Banded Snake Eagle, Ovambo Sparrow Hawk, Honeyguides and others. We can spend the whole day birding here, but also if time can go to Darusalome village across the border into the south of Senegal. This is the last village to the neighbour country, is also good for seeing Long-crested Eagle, Senegal Thick-knees etc.

Pirang: This place is both wetland, forest and woodland. The wetland part of Pirang is great for Black-crowned  Crame, Flamingos, White- throated Bee Eaters. Also in its forests we can spot Wood owl, Verreaux Eagle Owl etc. The woodland areas are good places for several kinds of swallows, eagles and the Northern Wheatear. Pirang is just a few minutes’ drive from Faraba Bantang, where we can see Bateleur Eagles, Abyssinian Ground Hornbills etc.

COASTAL TOURS (including transport, tickets and my service)


Half-day (4 hours)
1 person – £55;  2 people – £55


Long Half-day (6 hours)
1 person £55;  2 people – £60


Full day (9 hours)
1 person £70;  2 people – £80


Tendaba 1 night 2 days
1 person £250;  2 people – £290
Tendaba 2 nights 3 days
1 person £350;  2 people – £390
Tendaba/Georgetown 4/5 days
1 person £490;  2 people – £580
Tendaba/Morgan kinda/Georgetown 5/6 days
1 person £610;  2 people – £700

INLAND TOURS  (including transport, bed & breakfast, boat trips, park fees and my service
Tendaba   (2 days/1 night) – 1 person £210;  2 people £250

  (3 days/2 nights) – 1 person £310;  2 people £360

Tendaba and Georgetown ( 5 days/4 nights) – 1 person £460;  2 people £540

Tendaba, Morgan Kunda Lodge, Georgetown (6 days /5 nights) -1 person £580: 2 people £680

Gambia and Sine Saloum Delta, Senegal (7 days/6 nights) – £600 per person

Gambia and Nokolokoba, Senegal (7 days/6 nights) – £900 per person

Discounts are given for 3 or more people, or extra days on all these tours. Please ask me for a quote.
Tendaba & Georgetown

Going via the south bank of the Gambia River to Tendaba,  you have an opportunity of stopping at places such as Faraba Bantang, Kamparty which has many raptors, Bruman Bridge which has many different storks and vultures, before staying the night at Tendaba Camp. The next morning’s boat trip in the creek is great for seeing African Finfoot, Blue Flycatcher, African Scops Owl etc. Afterwards we can go to Kiang West National Park where we can see raptors including the Grasshopper Buzzard, Brown Snake Eagle, Martial Eagle and others. And plenty more birds on the journey back!

Georgetown lies 300 km away from Barra where the North side begins.We can get to Georgetown by road or river, depending how you like to travel.  By using the North Bank we can have lots of stops on the way.  From Barra we can first have a stop at Berending Forest to spot the Red-shouldered Cuckoo Shrike,Ayres’s Hawk Eagle, and others.  Then on to Illasa wetland which is so good for White- winged Black Tern, then to Kaur wetland for Egyptian Plovers, and Kittlitz’s  Plover. Panchang Wetland for Greater Painted Snipes, and Purple Swamphen. Then perhaps a detour to the stone circle at Wassu for some Gambian history? After a night in Georgetown we hire a boat the next morning to see hippos, chimpanzees,  Shining-blue Kingfishers and more.  Bansang Quarry is good for spotting Red-throated bee-eaters, Brown rumped Bunting, swallows etc. By adding another night we can also travel further upriver to Basse for Carmine Bee-eaters, vultures and many other woodland species. By going to Georgetown you not see only birds and animals but you experience the culture of the real Gambia.


This reserve lies 28 km from Barra and just 3 km from the Gambia/Senegal border. From Alhamdullah we can go into the  Sine Saloum Delta region of Fathala, and see lots of wildlife including buffalo, the rare Western Giant Eland and other antelopes, giraffe, rhino, hyenas, ostriches as well as many species of birds. The tour can be done in a long half-day, although a full day gives more time to see more of the wonderful animals and birds.

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