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Birdwatching in
Gambia & Senegal

Expert Bird Guiding - Half-day trips to 7 day expeditions

Tours & Prices

Coastal Birding Tours

There are many good birding sites to visit on a day trip from hotels on the coast – Abuko Nature Reserve, Pirang, Marakissa, Tujering, Kartong, Brufut, Tanji, Lamin Lodge, Darusalume, Kotu Creek, Mandina Lodge (Makasufu)

Inland Birding Tours

I can arrange two different tours. One is in the Tendaba & Georgetown region. And I have the tour in Fatala Reserve, Senegal.

  • Airport pick-up
  • Accommodation pick-up
  • Coastal tours from £45 a person
  • Inland tours from £210 a person
  • Discount when booking for two persons
  • Other excursions possible
  • Day-trips & half day trips

His knowledge of birds, their habitats and calls and his ability to mimic them is astounding. His aim is to please his clients and tries to fulfill their every whim. He is polite, punctual and loves his job.

Sandra H.Worcester
Tours & Prices

Hello, I'm Musa

I’m Musa , a well-known Gambian birdwatcher and freelance guide.   I studied bird watching with the Department of Parks and Wildlife Management and have many years of experience as a bird guide, and arrange tours to different parts of this country and also to Senegal.

I’ve loved birds since very early age. I was born and brought up in a village where the vegetation is ever-green around farmlands and the river and full of wildlife. Birds are my speciality but I have a love of nature at large, so I also know a lot about plants, reptiles, and mammals. And about Gambia and our culture.  

Come and arrange a birdwatching trip with me – I do coastal and inland tours to different parts of this country, as well as to Senegal. I will arrange a trip to suit your interests – general trips to a variety of habitats to see Gambia’s own birds as well as migratory visitors (depending on the time of year). I can also arrange trips for people wanting to see particular species. Coastal tours can be arranged for a half-day (4hrs), long half-day (6 hrs) or a full day (8 hours). In a half-day we can go to 2 famous bird watching sites, whilst a long half-day

musa manneh birdwatching tours banjul gambia


Contact me for all your questions and booking inquiries

'Intelligent, enthusiastic, charming guide with encyclopaedic knowledge'

We enjoyed 3 great birding trips with Musa from our base in Kotu beach: a day trip to Abuko/Lamin Lodge, a 2-day trip up river to Tendaba Camp, and a long half day to Kartong wetlands. All three were brilliant both from the birding perspective (some 180+ species) and the chance to see the country beyond the hotel strip.

Musa is a true bird lover with great enthusiasm and encyclopaedic knowledge - he recognises hundreds of species by call and is able to conjure them into view with his wide repertoire of calls.As well as his bird knowledge Musa also impressed with his sensitivity to our interests ... he very quickly worked out our level of enthusiasm, prior knowledge, interests,and fitness, and organised the days accordingly. We are happy to walk for hours (so is Musa) but he tailors all his trips according to the clients' interests and we never felt rushed or cajoled into anything we didn't want to do.

Musa is an intelligent and charming guide and we thoroughly recommend him to anyone with any level of interest in Gambian birds.

Neil StapletonUK, March 2016

"Musa Manneh must be the best I have just returned from a birding trip to The Gambia, where, after very careful investigation, I employed Musa Manneh as my guide. He was wonderful. Recognised most birds by sound and rapidly followed up with sightings. Nothing was too much trouble and he took into consideration that my main interest is bird photography. We went out with him 8 times, each trip being for 4 to 6 hours - he always arrived in good time and never finished on time. He helped me to see and photograph many more birds than I expected. Having read the numerous glowing reports about him, I cannot add any more, but I can confirm that none of them are exaggerated and I cannot think of any way in which he could improve his performance"

Bryan YUK, November 2015

My husband and I joined Musa on an excellent birdwatching tour at Christmas 2012. The tour began when he collected us from our hotel in Senegambia and went on to various spots, including a river cruise. Musa is extremely helpful and friendly and knows a lot about the subject of birds. In fact, he was able to tell me more about the birds of Ireland, our home country, than I knew myself! I would highly recommend this day out"


We would recommend Musa without hesitation, he’s an excellent birder and very good at organising a bigger trip if that’s what you want. His enthusiasm and knowledge of birds in The Gambia is outstanding and he will look after his guests needs throughout the trip. When we return to The Gambia we will use Musa again "

Jonathan and CarolManchester, UK. March 2014